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Schedule for technical Classes and Labs.

The next session of classes.

The schedule for the next session of classes will be announced shortly.
Meanwhile, Private, Individual, One-on-One training is available for any technical topic including Zoom, iPad, Kindle Fire, Smart Phones, Web mail, Internet, Files & folders, at times and dates agreed with the appropriate instructor for $10 per session. To sign up, e-mail your name, phone number, e-mail address and what you are interested in to An instructor will contact you to agree a suitable time.

Lab Free Use Times.

The facilities of the Computer Lab are available to Calendar House members. Free help on any technical topic is available on a first come - first served basis. The open Lab sessions are monitored by a member of the Computer Learning Center staff who will be able to provide a assistance. Lab users must not load software onto the computers or change any settings as we must maintain uniform standards for our tuition program.
Come in and see us if you would like to help out (or maybe even teach) on any technical topic.

Open Lab periods are: Monday from 10 AM to 12 Noon and Wednesday from 1 PM to 3 PM.

Holiday and Inclement Weather Closings.

The class schedules are designed to accomodate the established Calendar House holiday closings, Should Calendar House be closed for any other event such as inclement weather or use as a public shelter, then any class unavailable on these days will be made up by extending the period of the class.

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