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The Ancestry courses will cover for beginners, how to use for free with its limitations, the hidden tools that has, Ancestry DNA and what to do with your results, and GED match where you can store your DNA to make matches with other relatives outside of without charge.
The following links will give you an understanding of what is available on, how to access information and what it could cost.

How to Create a Free Ancestry® Account
Create a Free Ancestry® Account

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YouTube List of Ancestry related information:

Suggested list of YouTube videos that you should look at:
1) How to Use for Beginners - w. Jakob | Ancestry UK (26:06)
2) Growing Your Family Tree (Without a Subscription!) on! (32.33)
3) Hidden Tools on Ancestry com (14:15)
4) AncestryDNA | You Received Your Results. Now What? Part 1 | Ancestry (14:06)
5) Getting Started with GEDmatch - A Segment of DNA (15:07)