Comparison of Top live TV streaming services.

DirecTV StreamFuboTVHulu Plus Live TVSling TVYouTube TV
Base price$70 per month for 65-plus channels $75 per month for 100-plus channels$76 per month for 80-plus channels $40 per month for 30-plus (Orange) or 40-plus (Blue) channels $65 per month for 85-plus channels
Free trialYesYesNoNoYes
ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC channels Yes, in many markets Yes, in many markets Yes, in many markets Fox and NBC only in select cities (Blue only) Yes, in many markets
Simultaneous streams per account 20 (in home, 3 outside of it) 3 2 ($15 option for unlimited) 1 (Orange), 3 (Blue) 3 ($20 adds unlimited and 4K streams)
Family member/user profiles NoYesYesNoYes
Cloud DVR Yes (20 hours, unlimited for $10 a month) Yes (250 hours, 1,000 hours for $17 a month Yes (unlimited) Yes (50 hours, 200 hours for $5 a month) Yes (unlimited)
Fast-forward through or skip commercials with cloud DVR No (Yes with $15 option) Yes Yes Yes Yes

Link to CNET 2023 information source.