Software and Joining a Meeting.

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Software requirements.

To actually join a Zoom meeting, you need to have the Zoom software installed on your device. Typically the person who is setting up the meeting (known as the “Host”) will send you an e-mail inviting you to the meeting. This e-mail will include a link to the meeting, which, when clicked, will start the process of joining the meeting.

If this is the first Zoom meeting on your device, the click on the link will automatically initiate the installation of the Zoom software onto your device. For some Apple and Android devices this may involve going to the appropriate store to download the Zoom software: – just follow the instructions.

This set-up process will take a little time so it should be started some time before the scheduled meeting start time so as not to be late joining the meeting.

Once the software has been installed joining all subsequent meetings will be much simpler and quicker.

You can also download the Zoom software without waiting for a meeting invitation by going to the Zoom website at and following the instructions.

A good overview of how to set up and use zoom is at

Joining a ZoomMeeting.

The meeting host will send an invitation e-mail to all expected participants. This e-mail will include:-

• The meeting date and start time

• A link to the meeting. This will be long and look something like

• A meeting ID

• A meeting password

Clicking on the invitation link will open the Zoom Client.

Once the application is opened, you should be asked if you want to connect to the internet audio. You must select this option to have sound.
There is another option about video. You need to select that option for Zoom video to work.

At this point there may be a pause as you will probably have arrived in the “Waiting Room”. The host will have seen you arrive in the Waiting Room and assuming you are a genuine invitee, he will let you into the meeting. The purpose of the Waiting Room process is to avoid uninvited people from gatecrashing the meeting.