What equipment do I need to use Zoom?.

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Zoom uses the internet to allow people to communicate as a group potentially with both audio and video so ideally you see and hear all the people involved and they can see and hear you. If you don’t have all the correct equipment a more limited form of communication is still often possible.

As long as you have an internet connection, there are multiple devices that can be used, but some may require purchase of additional equipment like cameras or microphones to achieve the full capability. A quiet location and use of a headset can also be useful to block out background noises. This is a list of possible options:-

Desktop computer – Windows, Apple or Linux operating system. Most desktops do not have cameras or microphones and sometimes do not have speakers. If you have speakers or a headset, then you could hear and see other people, but they could not see or hear you unless you purchase a compatible microphone or camera. Often it is difficult to move a desktop to an appropriately quiet location.

Laptop Computer - Windows, Apple, Chromebook or Linux operating system. Most laptops these days have speakers, microphones and cameras and are thus ready for full zoom use.

Tablets – Apple iPad IOS or Android operating system. Virtually all tablets have all the features needed for Zoom. Handholding a tablet whilst in a Zoom meeting can be annoying so it will help if the tablet has a case that can hold it steady.

Smartphone – Apple or Android. A typical smartphone has all the features needed for Zoom. The biggest problem is the small size of the screen if somebody is showing the meeting something that is detailed. Something to hold the phone steady would be useful.