Zoom Overview for Calendar House Members.

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Zoom uses the internet to allow people to communicate as a group potentially with both audio and video. Group communication is initiated by the person, known as the Host who sets up the meeting time and duration and e-mails the information, including meeting links, to all the participants.

At the appointed time, the host opens the meeting and the participants join by clicking on the link in the invitation e-mail that they received. If it is the first meeting that a participant has made with Zoom, the clicking on the link will initiate the download and installation of the Zoom software.

There is no cost to the participant for the download, installation and use of Zoom.

The Host however will have had to sign-up to use the Zoom system with one of the four meeting plans. The Business and Enterprise plans are intended for large organizations. The ones for smaller groups are the “Basic” and “Pro” plans.

The “Basic” plan is free and can host up to 100 participants, but if the total number of people involved is more than 2, then the meeting time is limited to 40 minutes. A one-on-one meeting (2 people max) has effectively no time limit.

The “Pro” plan currently costs $14.99 per host per month and allows a meeting of up to 100 participants to last for up to 24 hours and has some additional features such as video recording. This is the plan that we will use for our meetings.