Southington and adjacent Towns

Activities at Nearby Senior Centers

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Num Activity Type Sou Berl Bris Chesh Meri NewB Plain Wal Wolc
1 Acrylic Painting art             Plain    
2 Art & Painting art     Bris Chesh Meri NewB   Wal  
3 Artists Studio art               Wal  
4 Brush & Palette Club art     Bris            
5 Card Making art             Plain    
6 Coloring for Relaxation art     Bris Chesh   NewB Plain Wal  
7 Pastel Art Painting art     Bris            
8 Stained Glass Club art Sou                
9 Bridge cards Sou Berl Bris   Meri   Plain Wal  
10 Canasta cards     Bris       Plain    
11 Cards & Games cards               Wal  
12 Cribbage cards   Berl Bris       Plain Wal  
13 MahJongg cards Sou Berl Bris       Plain Wal Wolc
14 Mexican Train cards             Plain    
15 Nickel-Nickel/Cards cards               Wal  
16 Poker Club cards         Meri        
17 Setback cards Sou Berl Bris   Meri   Plain Wal Wolc
18 Texas Holdem Cards               Wal  
19 Whist Card Party Cards       Chesh          
20 Line Dancing Dance Sou   Bris Chesh   NewB     Wolc
21 Social Dance Dance     Bris Chesh   NewB Plain Wal  
22 Square Dancing Dance           NewB      
23 Tap Dancing Dance     Bris         Wal  
24 Aerobics fit Sou       Meri        
25 Arthritis Exercise fit         Meri   Plain Wal Wolc
26 Balance & Coordination fit       Chesh          
27 Better Bones Exercise fit             Plain    
28 Boomers & Beyond Body Camp fit       Chesh          
29 Cardio Step fit             Plain    
30 Chair Exercises fit                 Wolc
31 Chair Yoga fit Sou   Bris Chesh   NewB      
32 Dancercise fit Sou                
33 Exercise fit   Berl   Chesh   NewB   Wal  
34 Fitness Center Club 60 Plus fit               Wal  
35 Fitness fun fit               Wal  
36 Gentle Pilates fit               Wal  
37 Ladies Exercise fit     Bris            
38 Latin Rhythm Exercise fit         Meri        
39 Legswork Program fit   Berl              
40 Parkinson Support Group / Fitness Class fit               Wal  
41 Physical Fitness fit Sou                
42 Sit Down & Tone Up fit         Meri        
43 Strength Training fit Sou   Bris   Meri     Wal  
44 stretching and strengthening exercises fit                 Wolc
45 Sweatin’ to the Oldies Exercise fit       Chesh          
46 Tai Chi fit       Chesh Meri     Wal  
47 Tennis League fit               Wal  
48 TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) fit Sou                
49 Total Fitness with Karen Zeoli fit               Wal  
50 Video Exercise fit     Bris            
51 Weight Training fit         Meri        
52 Yoga fit   Berl     Meri   Plain Wal  
53 Zumba fit     Bris Chesh   NewB Plain Wal Wolc
54 Basics of Diabetes Medical   Berl              
55 Blood pressure screening Medical Sou Berl Bris Chesh Meri   Plain    
56 Health Fair Medical Sou         NewB      
57 Health services Medical Sou       Meri     Wal  
58 Hearing Screening Medical     Bris Chesh       Wal  
59 Low Vision Medical             Plain    
60 Mobile Mammography Medical   Berl              
61 Naturopathic Medicine Medical             Plain    
62 NURSE (By Appointment) Medical             Plain    
63 Computers, Tablets & Phones Tech Sou   Bris Chesh         Wolc
64 AARP Smart Driver   Sou     Chesh     Plain    
65 Badminton   Sou                
66 Bingo   Sou Berl Bris Chesh Meri NewB Plain Wal Wolc
67 Bocce                 Wal  
68 Book Club     Berl   Chesh     Plain Wal  
69 Bowling               Plain    
70 Caregivers       Bris       Plain Wal  
71 Ceramics     Berl Bris   Meri   Plain Wal  
72 Chair Caning       Bris            
73 Charlemagne       Bris       Plain    
74 Chocolate Making               Plain    
75 Choral Group       Bris   Meri   Plain    
76 Cognition & Creativity               Plain    
77 Commission on Aging       Bris     NewB Plain    
78 Craft group meets             NewB      
79 Crafty knitters     Berl              
80 Crafty Ladies         Chesh          
81 Creative Writing           Meri        
82 Current Events               Plain Wal  
83 Decorative Painting       Bris            
84 Dental Clinic     Berl Bris            
85 Dinner and Cabaret                 Wal  
86 Drawing   Sou             Wal  
87 Elder Care Issues       Bris Chesh         Wolc
88 Energy Assistance   Sou Berl              
89 Family Feud Utopia Home Care           Meri        
90 Folk Art   Sou                
91 Footcare   Sou Berl Bris           Wolc
92 Free Manicures     Berl Bris            
93 French Class               Plain    
94 Functional Fit               Plain    
95 Golf league   Sou                
96 Granny Squares   Sou                
97 Hula                 Wal  
98 - - - DELETED - See 133                    
99 Inter. Yoga               Plain    
100 Jeopardy         Chesh         Wolc
101 Jewelry Making       Bris            
102 Knitters & Crocheters         Chesh Meri   Plain Wal Wolc
103 Korean War Vets       Bris            
104 Life Story Writing Workshop         Chesh          
105 Live Well Workshop         Chesh          
106 Lucky Strikes       Bris            
107 Massage by Appt                 Wal  
108 Memory Screening               Plain    
109 Movie     Berl Bris     NewB   Wal  
110 Needlework Club       Bris            
111 Open Painting   Sou           Plain    
112 Photography     Berl Bris       Plain Wal  
113 Pickleball       Bris         Wal  
114 Pilates         Chesh          
115 Ping Pong   Sou   Bris         Wal  
116 Pinochle       Bris     NewB Plain Wal  
117 Poetry   Sou                
118 Pool / Billiards   Sou           Plain Wal  
119 Power Burst               Plain    
120 Quilting   Sou   Bris   Meri   Plain Wal  
121 Reflexology       Bris            
122 Reiki       Bris         Wal  
123 Renters Rebate   Sou Berl              
124 Rubberstamping     Berl              
125 Scrabble   Sou Berl Bris       Plain Wal  
126 Sherlock Holmes Society         Chesh          
127 Shopping Bus   Sou       Meri   Plain   Wolc
128 Smash Burger           Meri        
129 Snack bar open             NewB      
130 Social Service assistance   Sou                
131 Sports talk     Berl              
132 Swedish Weaving     Berl              
133 Tax Assistance   Sou Berl   Chesh Meri   Plain Wal  
134 Thursday Evening Cabaret                 Wal  
135 Trip sale   Sou     Chesh       Wal  
136 Vegetarian Cooking               Plain    
137 Veterans Event               Plain Wal  
138 Vintage Voices                 Wal  
139 Volunteer Luncheon     Berl     Meri        
140 Walking Club       Bris Chesh     Plain    
141 Watercolors   Sou   Bris            
142 Wellness Program             NewB      
143 What is Reflexology?         Chesh          
144 What’s Your Story               Plain Wal  
145 Wii Bowling     Berl Bris   Meri NewB Plain Wal  
146 Wildflower Presentation                 Wal  
147 Women’s Club         Chesh          
148 Woodworking Club           Meri        

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