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Computer Learning Center atSouthington Calendar House Senior Center.

Winter 2121 Session, Class ID 901

Zoom Class - Web browser selection & use.

Instructor - Elbe D'Oliveira
A 2 week class on Tuesday at 10 AM
from 5 Jan 2021 to 12 Jan 2021
Class cost : $20

Class Description

Instruction via Zoom to explore the various web browsers available. Understand what cross platform browsers are about. Discover what cloud storage is and how to use cloud storage safely and effectively. Find out how use the browser settings to make adjustments and expand a browser's use. Get the answers to why browsers are free. Learn the best methods to use in searching the internet. Find out what applications are included in web browsers. Use applications to safeguard your browsing experience. The course is two sessions of two hours each. If you have never used Zoom before, you will see how easy it is to join others online using Zoom.

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