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2017 Survey Process Description.

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The new Calendar house building has the space and layout to allow an increase the number of activities that can be accomodated.
This page gives an overview of the process and results of trying to determine which activities to recommend to the Calendar House Management.

Firstly the Volunteers identified Senior Centers nearby, visited some, and researched their lists of activities and compiled a master list of who did what. This work is tabulated on the link labelled Activities .

The Activities list was split into two separate lists which were printed on the two sides of the survey sheet that went out with the Bake-No Bake mailing. (Thanks to the Volunteers for help with the mailing.) The 2017 Activity Survey link shows the result.
One side listed those things Calendar House DOES and was a useful way to inform the public our considerable program.
The other side listed those things Calendar House DOES NOT DO but other local centers do.
We gave each entry a number and asked the survey recipients to list the numbers of their favorite six additional activities they would like to see in Calendar House. There was also space to write in two additional favorite activities that were not on either list, and the optional ability to record their contact details so we could talk to them if we needed additional information.

As the results rolled in, our Volunteers keyed the results into the system, resulting in the two lists accessible by clicking on the Recorded Activity Count and Suggested Activities links.

Clicking on the Recorded Activity Count link gives a list of all the options on the survey form with a count of the number times the activity was selected and a percentage of the number of people selecting it. The list is arranged in descending count order – in other words, the most popular activities are at the top of the list.

People were also asked to write in other activities that were NOT on the selection list. Clicking on the Suggested Activities link will show the raw list of suggestions.

The next Volunteer activity is to examine the top most popular activities in detail to clearly identify what is required to introduce them to Calendar House. These include Instructor qualification and cost, set-up requirements and cost, materials required, likely total cost to Calendar house and participants etc.. etc.

Finally a practical list will be presented to Calendar House Management who will have the final decision on which activities will be adopted.