Fall 2018 Computer/Tablet/Phone Classes

Registration Date -
10:00 AM Monday 17th September 2018

After the main registration date, registration for any remaining class seats will also be accepted in the Computer Lab between 9:00 and 11:00 on Monday mornings or between 1:00 and 3:00 on Wednesday afternoons until the start date of the applicable class.

Windows 10 Computing Fundamentals - Tuesdays at 1 PM from 16 Oct 2018 to 20 Nov 2018
Become comfortable with all you need to know to use a Windows 10 computer to search the internet, communicate by E-Mail and manage photos, files and folders. This class will start with the basics of Windows 10 computer use, show you how computer files and folders can connect to your tablets and phones, and open up the world of the big wide web.

Tuning up your computer - Thursdays at 9 AM from 18 Oct 2018 to 25 Oct 2018
Over time, any computer will appear to run more slowly and needs a bit of routine TLC to restore its youthful vitality. The two-week Computer Tune-Up Workshop will show you how to revitalize your computer by removing superfluous files, updating the system security and putting things in the most efficient order.

iPad and iPhone Basics - Mondays at 9 AM from 1 Oct 2018 to 19 Nov 2018
This workshop will cover the basics of using your iPad/iPhone, keeping the system up to date, purchasing 'Apps', using the camera, emailing to friends, using calendar functions, surfing the internet, and fiddling with all the features that this truly magical machine brings to your computing world.
You must own or borrow an iPad/iPhone and bring the device with the charger and cable to the class.

Kindle Fire Fundamentals - Thursdays at 1 PM from 4 Oct 2018 to 8 Nov 2018
This six week workshop will help you use your Kindle Fire more effectively. We'll familiarize you with its main features and help you download the apps that you need. Specific topics include browsing the web, checking email, watching videos, playing music and games, reading books, using the camera, etc. Come share the fun, and discover all that Amazon's premiere tablet brings to your technological world!
You must own or borrow a kindle fire and bring it with the cables to class AND Registration.

Android Phone Basics - Wednesdays at 9 AM from 3 Oct 2018 to 7 Nov 2018
In this 6-week course, you will discover what your Android Smartphone is capable of doing! Learn how to comfortably phone & text people, use your email, browse the internet, take pictures & videos, download & use popular applications, play music, manage your appointments, use GPS for driving instructions, and more. Join us on this adventure, and become more confident using your android smartphone!
You must bring an an android phone, the charger and cables to class AND to Registration.
Please note that this class does NOT cover the Apple iPhone.

One-on-One Training - A series of three One-on-One classes of two hour duration, held at a mutually agreed day and time.
Individual, One-on-One training is available for any topic on our list of classes for $25 for three two hour sessions at times and dates agreed with the appropriate instructor.

TUITION FEES: $25 per class.
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