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It is a work in Progress.
We are working on bringing back the activity information.

The Calendar House website was created in 2010 with the intent of displaying details of all the many upcoming activities managed by the Southington Senior center. Information was entered once by the Staff and automatically formatted appropriately to feed the Active Lifestyles magazine and the in-house bulletin board as well as this web site.

Recently, publication of the Active Lifesyles was passed to another organization and also, separately, a new management system was introduced. The two new systems both require separate entry of the same activity data. Neither system now feeds this website and and unfortunately, no resource is available to enter the same data a third time thus giving no visibility of upcoming events and negating the original website intent.

We are now working on an automated feed of the activity data from the management system. The coding for the data transmission and reformating for the calendar House web site will take some time to to set up. We apologise for the delay.

Meanwhile, we would welcome any photographs of activities and events ocurring in the new building
that we could post on the website.

Please address any comments or photos to .

For more details on any topic on this web site, please call 860-621-3014 or
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