Southington Calendar House Senior Center.
The Calendar House website was created in 2010 with the intent of displaying details of all the many upcoming activities managed by the Southington Senior center. Information was entered once by the Staff and automatically formatted appropriately to feed the Active Lifestyles magazine and the in-house bulletin board as well as this web site.

Recently, publication of the Active Lifesyles was passed to another organization and also, separately, a new management system was introduced. The two new systems both require separate entry of the same activity data. Unfortunately neither system feeds this website meaning it now gives no visibility of upcoming events, negating the original intent.

The website was created and developed by a Calendar House member who also meets all associated hosting costs and donates the result to the Calendar House organization. Unfortunately there is no resource available to manually enter a third copy of the activity data into the website.

An attempt will be made to negotiate an automated feed of the activity data into the website from the management system, but, if this cannot be achieved this website will be closed and its URL will be offered for sale.

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